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Be careful with the relationships based on interest, both from the other part and yours. Yes, Scorpio, you can be good sometimes, but you're not a saint... You feel attracted by the good life, and if they make your way easier, better!

Being with someone because it covers your material needs, stimulates your dependence. You have to aspire to be able to sustain yourself by your own means because this is the way to achieve happiness; making decisions...

Be honest, what do you need? From intimate relationships to a company, the important thing is that you're clear when it comes to links. Create quality emotional bonds; material goods can be provided to you from your independence.

Family and friends may require you to celebrate an important moment in their lives; don't disappear too much, Scorpio.


Everything you wish for is going to happen. Your strongest forces are wholly focused on the aims, no matter what the means are! This can be a problem...

Be careful, because this is the kind of attitude that can get you into big problems without wanting to. May your objectives be in harmony with the peace and well-being of other human beings.

You'll find yourself with very inspiring people that will encourage you to give the best of you. You are usually the one that makes more efforts and finding this kind of people is still a pretty pleasant novelty.


Prevention and early detection of the disease are the two fundamental pillars for maintaining that state of health. No matter how well you feel, find a place for a routine check-up, Scorpio.

Apart from having healthy habits life, vaccination is fundamental for prevention. 

Some vaccines expire and that you may need at any time of your life, such as tetanus. At the age of 10, it loses its effect on our organism, and we have to get vaccinated again.

About early detection, regular check-ups are vital, especially if you have family members who have had cancer.