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For a long time, you thought you weren't able to inspire love. You also thought that it only happened in the movies, or that it was something that came naturally in people "spiritually elevated."

But you know what, Scorpio? Being a good person is something you learn. With daily effort, trying to see through the eyes of the person you have next to you, you achieve that people like you. 

But the essential thing in this exercise is that you learn to develop compassion and to be a better person every day. 

But that is what's all about, Scorpio. Love and leave this world leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of others.


You will have such a state of inspiration that your work will move you. Isn't it wonderful? Creating beauty is something that pleases you and the reason all human beings were born.

Unfortunately, it's something we keep forgetting as we grow in the middle of ruthless competitiveness.

Your spiritual part wants to give itself more to others so that you can find in your daily life what your heart really wants. Do you want more kindness and compassion in the world? Then start practicing selfless help and discreet acts of kindness!

Joining a volunteer activity is undoubtedly something against intuitive when it comes to accumulating wealth and assets. It is to invest your time in an action that won't give you returns...

 However, it will be by cultivating the wealth of your soul that you will be able to achieve well-being. To need less and fewer goods is the key.


It's good to recognize your limitations and that you stop getting frustrated with what you did with ease and that it's complicated for you to carry out today. Age doesn't pass in vain through bodies.

Focus on the countless things you can still do, instead of emphasizing your limitations. Can't you run like you used to? Then maybe it's time to try long walks and a higher level.

All the exercises can be done; it's just a matter of adjusting them to your physical condition! With this positive attitude, nothing will stand up to you.