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What you really feel for that person in affection. Affection and friendship are important, but if they don't go with passion, it will just lead to a relationship that sooner or later, one of you will feel that something is missing. 

You'll have to spend these days clarifying your feelings because no one deserves being played with. Try to put words to what you feel and above all, ask yourself if you see yourself with that person in ten years time. 

The stars just declare, but you are who decides and takes the reins, Scorpio.


After a slight decrease in your productivity, it's time for the recovery. Life is periods, and now one of the best ones is about to come. Give free rein to your fieriness and passion at work!

Or if you have a hobby, don't say it's a waste of time. Invest in your talents, Scorpio. You never know where that innocent passion can lead you. If you're really good, go for it and trust in yourself so the rest also do it. 

To the money that you expected to win will be added an extra that you didn't count on. Great! It's the prize for all that work well done and no doubt this will help you to continue doing so well. Congratulations.


With your intestinal transit a bit delicate, decline the dates or the gatherings with friends. Especially when it comes to exotic and spicy food, such as Indian food. It's a shame, but the consequences will last for many days, Scorpio.

White rice, soups and a diet that doesn't require too much work for your stomach is what is recommended for you.

Perhaps you should go to the doctor because colonic irritation is something that usually appears in most children of the scorpion, especially at certain ages.