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You want some love but you don't have anyone to share it with, Scorpio. Ask yourself why you have that need when the circumstances aren't favorable. 

If you have a partner, a certain degree of dissatisfaction with them prevents you from thinking of him or her as the first option to satisfy your desires. You can't help it... You will even prefer to continue with that need, before saying anything to your spouse.

Why do you have this attitude? It's dangerous for the relationship. The person you share your life with should know about your feelings, even if these are hard to hear. Express yourself from love but don't hide your concerns. It's the last thing you should do.

A conversation can help more than being in silence for a long time. Don't be scared, Scorpio.


Today you have the opportunity of concentrating all your energies on your job.  It will be therapeutical. The negativity that you may have accumulated in other spheres of your life disappears when you get down to work and give yourself to what you know how to do so well.

Not long from now this personal project which you combine not effortlessly with your job will see the light. Even if from the beginning it doesn't have all the repercussion that you would like, you will feel very satisfied with the work done.

It's not a matter of boasting, but if it's good for you to make what you do public, especially if you work in a job or project focused on the world of communications. Show yourself with no fear, because it's not about narcissism, it's about marketing...


A good figure doesn't just depend on diet and exercise. Incredible as it may seem, the posture your body usually adopts is another factor to take into account. Do you walk with your shoulders upright or do you always go half-hunched, Scorpio?

The clothes you wear also helps to shape your body. Know your body well to get the most out of it; favor and highlight the parts of your anatomy that you like best with vibrant colored garments that highlight and conceal those that cause you insecurity.

There's a whole science behind this... Read and find out in fashion blogs about how to get a perfect stylism!

It's not just vanity; as a native of Scorpio, you care a lot about the energy you project outdoors. Feeling strong and secure gives you an enormous sense of well-being and helps you give your best.