Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



In love, Scorpios will be especially lucky. Planet Venus shining brightly for these natives brings excellent doses of affection today. Caresses, hugs, beautiful words; it's promising!

There's no better occasion for declarations of love. Magic will come to the date to make them fly; perhaps both have been waiting a long time for this moment... Well, no more waiting!

If you are a Scorpio in a relationship, you'll reconnect to those intense emotions that you felt at the beginning of the relationship. The manifestation of feelings inevitably varies with time. But today... Today you will be on the top of the wave, Scorpio!


Scorpios who are related in some way to transport will be very lucky; you might find money that someone doesn't miss, or that you start a conversation with someone who can help you with work.

It's a good idea to share your vehicle and gas costs with your co-workers. If they don't do it yet, someone might offer to do it today. It's an excellent savings measure and very ecological! Ideally, the driver should be rotated every week.

If you've been trying to get your driving license, the stars show you an open door so you get it soon. Everything related to the engine and mechanical abilities will come out well. 


A scorpion is an animal that likes the night, and we could say that the same happens with Scorpio. You might have some sight problems or constant discomfort in your eyes. 

You usually accumulate emotions and tensions from day to day life, let's not forget that they are linked to our brain through the optical nerve. To make this discomfort better, some exercises can help you, with no need to go to the optician. 

Whenever you have the opportunity, look alternately at near and far objects. Also, aim your gaze at different points. It will also relax your eye tension to make frequent pauses.