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The suffering of the past may be impeding the happiness of the present. Turn past bad experiences into your emotional map. They show you the paths you shouldn't take.

Learning from experience is the only way to enjoy a mature love. Inevitably, before tasting the most intense happiness, you had to go through some negativity before...

Believe in love again! Cultivate innocence, so as not to drag yourself through the days with the bitterness of someone who doesn't know how to turn the page. Be like the beautiful lotus flower that feeds on the swamp.

If you do so, your future looks very hopeful, because no setback can overshadow your heart for long. Most importantly, you will attract into your life a person who also shares this philosophy.


Finding the necessary funding and getting them to believe in you to embark on that business adventure you have in mind, will only be possible through a change of mentality.

You might be excessively humble. If you are insecure before potential investors, it's unlikely that they will trust you with their money, Scorpio. Would you trust the ideas of a person who is not even capable of believing in him or herself?

Taking care of your appearance has the dual function of providing security and making a good impression, do not skimp on this aspect, Scorpio, accompany him of a good hairdressing session and you will be ready to eat the world!

Looking after your appearance has the double function of making you feel certain and making a good impression. Don't spare any money in this aspect, Scorpio, accompany it of a good hairdressing session and you'll be ready to conquer the world!


You have the feeling that keeping health needs more effort and dedication than you were led to believe when you were young. Routine and perseverance aren't your thing.

You might not be an expert in cucumber face masks, detox diets and you don't exfoliate your skin on a daily basis, but you shouldn't miss the hours of sleep you need.

Sleeping at least 8 hours, apart from guaranteeing the freshness of your mind the next day, is vital so that all your body has time to regenerate during the night. And of course, a well-rested skin is something you notice right away.