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Expressing emotions as you feel them has the inconvenience of making the ones around you feel uncomfortable. These reactionary attitudes, without going through the filter of reason, cause discomfort because of their intensity.

You may think that you are not to blame for being like this. That you have your heart in your hand and whoever wants to love you, needs to do so just the way you are.

It's very easy to let go and unleash emotions like crazy, but the real spiritual work is to know how to find the calm in the storm. In this way, you don't affect others with your negativity, Scorpio.


You need some kind of advice at a working level and you will get it. If you start in a new company, don't worry because you'll get all the information you need to know.  

Someone will appear to give you some excellent advice on what steps to take next, at a time when you are seriously thinking about making a significant investment or even changing your job orientation.

For those unemployed Scorpios who currently feel lost in the labor market, going to a counselor or the monitoring services provided by the state will bring you closer to the job of your dreams.


The best way to transform those emotions that bring so much suffering is to know yourself. What is it that makes you lose control? What is really behind this excessive jealousy?

By asking yourself the right questions, you will get truths that will help you stop and think when those situations occur again in your life. This will help you to be able to stop for a moment before acting and be able to react differently.

As you practice this exercise, you will realize that it will become easier and easier for you to control your answers. You will live with enormous peace whenever you practice a conscious emotionality, Scorpio.