Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you'll experience an emotional awakening, and this will lead you to take action. Regarding affection, you'll know how to express your feelings with creativity.

You have great sexual energy that you shouldn't miss. Create an intimate moment with your partner in a sensual atmosphere: candles, rose petals, a chocolate fountain... make it memorable!

If you are a Scorpio and you aren't in a relationship, don't just stand there! You would love to have something with that person you like so much, but you haven't done anything, so that happens...

Why don't you try to start a conversation on social networks? WIth a little bit of patience you'll get some results. 


Even if it's not your most productive day, you'll end the day ok. Keep calm, fluctuation in performance is inevitable. 

The excellent atmosphere at work will propitiate that some colleague has the bright idea of organizing a gathering to have a few drinks after the working day. Why don't you go and try to open up a little more? You have a reputation for being secretive, Scorpio.

Be careful to go out with the money counted from home, Scorpio, because then you get excited, and you start inviting people to drinks...


We all have marks on the skin; cellulite, scars, stretch marks... But are they that ugly? So many products and cosmetics on the market to combat these signs, make us think they are unsightly.

Keeping in mind that we all have these "imperfections", shall we really worry about these things? If you really want to see yourself in your maximum state of beauty, a simple smile is enough. Happiness is sexy!

If you eat well and you are happy, what's the problem in not being perfect? It's an idea that doesn't exist and that you should remind yourself often. You are like that, and there's nothing wrong with it. Love yourself as you are.