Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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You recover your ability to love and to live together with that incredible person. They give you so much without asking for anything! All relationships should be like that, but unfortunately, the laws of the economy also damage something as pure as love. 

People that ask for a lot are people who curiously then give less. Instead of going into the dynamic of counting who demands and who gives, you two will find yourselves wanting to give and to surrender, in beautiful reciprocity.

Celebrate your happy union, involving as many people as possible. A gathering of friends at home is the perfect moment to show everyone that person that makes you so happy. 


You might be starting a new economic activity. You've thrown yourself in the swimming pool, and you've gone for what was convenient for you. This new occupation is a creative activity that connects directly with your essence.

You could say that you are savoring success! Success is measured in your ability to dedicate yourself to something you like, and that fills you as a person. The zeros in your current account will come alone if you continue working from love, Scorpio.

In this new path you have chosen for yourself, you must avoid being too critical or demanding with yourself, Scorpio. The worst enemy of creativity is the hard thoughts we devote to ourselves. That causes insecurity and underperformance to anyone...


You shouldn't fill your head of the pending tasks you have just as you wake up, Scorpio. Those thoughts depress everyone!

Instead, take your time to breathe calmly, without thinking of nothing in particular. Leave your body to wake up completely. Be kind to yourself. 

When you wake up, you can have thoughts of gratitude for everything you have around you, for having a bed and because you were able to rest. There are many people out there with insomnia who have a hard time...

You'll feel a great inner peace that will allow you to face your routine with energy and with your head always focused on the present moment.