Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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You emit your sexual waves with intensity; you won't leave anyone indifferent with your sexual magnetism, Scorpio! Pheromones make you irresistible.

You'll have to talk about what you do in bed with your partner, or with the person you have casual encounters. Things aren't going very well in some aspects.

Talking about sexual relationships, about what one prefers or what excites the other, is very important to have healthy and satisfying sexual relationships. If we don't know what the other wants, it is complicated to understand each other in bed. 

Use your sexuality well, being selective. You don't have to do it with the first person that goes by. 


You have everything you need to succeed in life, and you are still stuck in that job position that is too little for you... Wake up, Scorpio! You smell money from far away, and instead of intimidating you, you've decided to go for it. 

Your innate wisdom tells you that the time has come to take a quantum leap toward a better lifestyle. You have already acquired all the basics, the necessary learning on which to build the person you want to become.

At work, you will come up with a proposal that goes beyond the "labor." Consider it a compliment rather than an alarm and decline politely. The stars don't advise you to mix the job your economy depends on with sentimental affairs.


Remember that artistic expression is a very valid way of giving way to all those negative emotions that inhabit you.

It doesn't matter if it's pretty or ugly! Express what your sensations and feelings suggest. You will discover how tremendously therapeutic it is for your soul, Scorpio.

You don't want to feel that way, but the stars inevitably sometimes appear with these influences that won't make you think you're in the best of your days.