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The reverse run of Venus will bring friends or loves from the past to your life. Are you prepared to re-experience strong emotions? What you thought you had overcome will cause you a lasting commotion... It will be an encounter that will leave you thinking for several days.

Even if you have a partner, don't be afraid of meeting that person to talk about things. The conversation will be very clarifying, it will help you understand better some old questions that were left unanswered, and that will be very useful in your current relationship.

Don't fall into the mistake of comparing your current partner with that person who meant so much for you. The person who is currently with you is special and loves you in their unique and unrepeatable way. Value that.


There's something inside you that will make you keep asking yourself which is the "objective."  You still have the feeling that you haven't found the mission you were brought to the world for. 

The inside and the outside noise doesn't allow you to hear the truths. Under the influence of this retrograde Venus, some of this noise will lower, and you will be able to understand some part of the message. 

Look into what you've always done wonderfully, and without having to make any effort...

Your horoscope indicates that you'll have to go through a period of loneliness. During this period you'll learn to switch off from your surrounding, at least from the people's opinions.  All the professions related to hope are decisive for you, Scorpio. 


It seems obvious that it's important to start the day doing something that puts us in a positive inertia, but we rarely put it into practice. The maelstrom of the day that begins as soon as you open your eyes claims all the time for itself.

Imagine that your day is the representation of a year of your life. Wouldn't it be better to start the day giving life and its processes some love and attention?

How can you generate a positive mood? It doesn't have to be praying or meditating; it can be singing, going for a walk, doing some exercise, reading an inspirational text...

The fundamental thing is that activity that allows you to have a complete concentration.