Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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Scorpio's personality oscillates between being either passionate or too quiet! The scorpion is pure fire, but it also knows how to hide those depths under a taciturn, even modest, attitude.

Today you'll feel more quiet than passionate. Someone near you wants you with intensity, and you feel like corresponding them, but something inside you tells you that it's not a good moment to move forward with this. 

Follow your intuition and act when you're ready, Scorpio. Don't let anyone or anything rush you.

If you are in a relationship, you might opt for crazy behavior. Forget about the norm and you will discover new and exciting facets in love.


Being an actor or actress in the background is a position that you are good at and comfortable in, but today the fairies will trigger a situation in which you will be required to face the consequences. 

Your immediate superior may suddenly leave the company and you, being next in line, will be a candidate to take his place, Scorpio. Are you ready for a promotion? It's not something you've been looking for, but when it comes, it comes!

Take advantage of this opportunity to develop professionally and enjoy earning a higher salary. At first, that position will be hard for you but as time goes by you will find that it compensates you for the effort!


Learn to listen to your body. That decayed state that you come observing in you wants to tell you something. It's useless to look the other way and pretend that the thing doesn't go with you because you might increase the lack of energy.

Too rigid a thought can be the culprit in energies not being well dynamized in your body. Wanting to control everything diminishes your ability to flow freely.

When you take a less serious approach to life and learn to see it all without taking it personally, then you will regain the explosive vitality of yesteryear.

As a spiritual activity, today you should try to do something you have never done before, Scorpio.