Scorpio Daily Horoscope
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Today you'll feel a sexual desire that you will communicate and share with your partner. You have a lot of ideas that you want to carry out as soon as possible. Don't let rush dominate you!

You will have provocative hands, and they will be willing to give you a massage or to caress your partner with all your intensity of your passion. Your partner will much appreciate your attention and will respond just the way you deserve it.

If you don't have a partner, you need new incentives in your life and people that take you out of the routine.  Have your eyes wide open because you could meet that person that awakens you from stagnation, Scorpio.


Somebody might owe you some money. In any case, the solution to the problem is in your hands. You have the means to solve the situation. Do whatever is appropriate, from a gentle wake-up call to slightly stronger measures.

There will be other conflicts related to an associate. You are both very different: While you, Scorpio, are a spiritually rich person, but less economically powerful, the other will be someone much more greedy.

And unfortunately, its objectives are not to continue collaborating with you. Don't consider this as the end of the project but as a plan to be taken up again later, when you have the necessary means and resources.


When the mind can't let go of worry, it settles in the body. This emotion is your desires and thoughts of future control. You want to deal with that which populates your mind before it appears before you. You switch off from the present!

When we are worried, our stomach manifests itself in acidity, ulcers, inflammations, etc. Scorpio is a sign that tends to acquire these ailments. Don't make it even easier!

The healing for this emotion is to accept and let go, and not get ahead of what is to come, Scorpio. Let it develop as it can and must be.