Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



The journeys for love are the topic of the day. It's probable that some long-distance trip or a change of residence to another country or city far from the one you are now can stir up your life one way or another. Together with that person, you'll feel that you're invincible. 

Whether you have or not a stable relationship, it's likely that during these days you receive an unexpected visit at home, especially on the part of a not-so-close relative.


Things are quite unstable for you right now. You might be going through a work crisis. However, what would be a headache and tears for some, you'll take this period of change as something natural that will help you grow. 

Your task right now consists on looking for a job of something you like with a cold-head. Don't panic with thoughts that won't take you anywhere! That is for weak people, but you're made of different material, Scorpio. 

Uranus will bring you situations and circumstances that will make you stand out so that you understand in your own skin, some aspects of your way of thinking that may be wrong.

The time has come for you to make some adjustment in your way of understanding things. So you definitely needed a change of scenery on the job level!


You might have some kind of repressed aggression inside of you, and you don't allow it to express itself through your conscious personality, thus accumulating a lot of inner tension.

For example, you may have a strong feeling of anger towards someone or towards people in general, but you may be repressing it, thinking that you should show a gentle and calm attitude towards the world. 

If you stop the natural flow of energy, it will turn towards you and will make you have an accident.  This is one of the most common reasons that are the cause of the incidents that harm us. 

The best thing in these cases is to practice some very intense sports. Inside the gym, directed weight-lifting activities will liberate you enormously inside, Scorpio.