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You could argue and have some problems with your parents, with women in general or with your closest friends, and there could be emotional manipulation on your part or theirs.

Don't fall into those emotional games. You have to be realistic and understand the hidden, often unconscious motives that may be happening to you.

If you can take out and understand all the psychological garbage, an emotionally more sensible person with an ability to relate more efficiently can emerge.

Avoid victimhood in the childish emotional relationships. Meditate on these aspects from serenity, Scorpio.


You are looking for a "mutation." You don't identify yourself with your past, or with the trajectory you've been following, and now it's time for a substantial change.

What has been preventing you from carrying out that change that you want so much is nothing more than the fear of not being perfect. They have always instilled in you particular patterns and desires of what they wanted your life to be like. Your parents, your environment and society in general.

It's time to rise up, Scorpio! Choose to start new paths as many times as you need to. New opportunities. Chance decides, but you're always going to have the last word.

Expand your horizons and dare to be who you really are, trying all the paths until you finally find yours. 


All the changes you do in your house are a reflection of the changes that strive to come out of you, for you to solve. A home can be improved, a personality, too. 

You will feel a certain fascination for a kind food during this planetary transit that involves Pluto with Venus, and this is extremely dangerous... Your personality, which is addictive, will want more and more.

The problem? That even the most innocuous substance can act as a potent poison, if administered in excessive amounts, Scorpio. Regulate your gluttony!