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As time goes by you've noticed how you're way of getting close to people is changing. In the past, you used to start a relationship without thinking about it too much, and now it's tough for you to confess your feelings.

It's completely normal after all the pain some people have made you go through. You've even though that you've lost the habit of loving someone, outside your family and friend nucleus. 

But the stars will bring you very soon a person that will heal all your old wounds.  You don't have to rush. For what, if it's a person for life?


You can deploy many of your efforts to keep things as they are, but you can also innovate with unexpected projects. You're a person who dares to look straight ahead and know what you need.

On the other hand, there is a thin line between satisfying your needs and greed. Control that, Scorpio. Don't be blinded by materiality or possessions, however crucial economic security may be to you.

The stars tell you that you run the risk of being involved in scams or unclear economic situations that won't do you any good. Reject offers that are too good to be true, because it's probably a lie!


You will be forced to have a thorough check-up because you feel tired both physically and morally and you don't know why. The accumulation of the material in some way may be affecting you on the spiritual plane.

This translates into indigestions and discomforts located in the stomach area. Learning to let go is a therapeutic process.

Anyway, perhaps it's time for a thorough medical checkup because that tiredness could be remitting to some ailment that goes unnoticed. Whatever treatment you have to follow, try to follow it thoroughly, Scorpio.