Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You have doubts whether your relationship will be able to work sometime. You are so different from each other! When you say white, he or she says black, in both the not so important issues and the significant ones...

But in your heart, you feel it's true love. No one awakens those so intense emotions in you, and you can't imagine the everyday life without everything you two share. 

It will be a relationship in which both parts will have to make an effort, but love is a powerful enough motor as to make them stay together for a long time, so come on, Scorpio, you can do it!


The beginning of the month always makes you happy, because the day when you receive the expected money after such hard work is approaching. However, you have to know that this month, your salary is going to be delayed considerably. 

Don't go spending, so you don't have to go through any difficulties or whatever. After all, you know you can live without buying some things that you know you can live without...

In any case, it's a creative moment for you at work; you'll try to maximize the resources you already have, instead of buying everything to suppliers, especially if you have an own company.


Health won't give you any problems today. In fact, you have a great vitality that will keep you in an active state until you grow older. The key is always in the balance, 

Traveling, learning new things and abilities, and, above all, dedicating time to good conversations, also make you live longer! Everything that involves experimenting with positive emotions is healthy.

Happiness is the best medicine and remedy, especially when the response of the immune system increases against diseases and keeps your brain young and active, Scorpio.