Scorpio Prediction for 6 October

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Loneliness and rejection are painful, but especially for Scorpio. With so much passion, you don't understand how someone can refuse to touch ecstasy with you! But you must realize that not all signs are as passionate as you are.

The ideal thing would be that, before starting a relationship with someone, you paid attention to their sign.  Are they Cancer, Pisces or another Scorpio? Then you'll have all the emotional intensity that you want and more!

You might feel attracted to Aquarius' personality or the interesting conversation you can have with Gemini, but these are signs that you'll always have problems when talking about feelings. They are much more rational than the son of the scorpion...


Your current job, even though it motivated you at the beginning, it has become a routine job.  Even your colleagues seem to show another face, after being in their position for some months...

It's evident that you long for a change in your working life. Feelings always speak to you clearly, and once you get to them, you can't look away. This time it won't be different, the heart tells you to pick up your belongings and try your luck somewhere else.

Paying attention to this feeling is something that will cause you more trouble than satisfaction because Uranus is shining maliciously in the sky right now.

You'll have a problem related to money. You might lose the flight you've been saving for, and they won't give you the money back.

The message of the stars is that you have to stay where you are. If you persist, you'll change the situation thanks to your work. 


You don't have the willingness you have to learn and know what's happening when it comes to your health. You think that the less you know and the less you have to go to the doctor's, the better. You don't like hospitals at all...

Even if you don't want to, it's time for you to go for a medical check-up. The results of the tests won't reveal any complicated disease, but there will be deficits in your organism that you will have to alleviate.

A restructuring in your diet won't hurt. If you have to spend a lot of time out on the street, the advice is to take the food prepared from home, or you will never follow a healthy diet.