Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Emotional curtness is something you don't get on very well with. Saturn's transit will create situations around you where there won't be any affection. 

Even in bed, when you're with your partner, you'll miss a bit more affection. You're used to waiting for the other part to let go.  You don't like overwhelming anyone with your intensity...

Magic Horoscope is clear: the worst thing you can do is withdraw with resignation and let the situation remain as it is. Show your warmth. Sometimes others also need encouragement from you to do their best.


Money will be well invested. You'll be able to not spend so much money on whims that people usually buy. Spend wisely. 

However, you should check your bank account because there are probably movements in it that you didn't know about. 

Saturn will influence you by giving you the strength to take corrective actions and above all, to claim a money someone owes you. You have the right to have it returned to you, Scorpio.


Today's energy will lead you to investigate and use your intellectual abilities. What you need is to use some free time to look after yourself.

Reading could feed your most spiritual side. You'll read something that will make you think about some aspects of your life. 

The mind is a house that you have to keep tidy, but it also needs cleaning! Today you'll be able to analyze some issues that could be complicating your life without you knowing. 

You can add some meditation and concentration on your wellbeing to the process.