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Should you stay or should you go? You have an emotional dilemma. On the one hand, your feelings are with that person but, on the other hand, you feel they aren't enough at an intellectual level. 

It's a problem, because this type of gap in one of the planes, always brings dissatisfaction. You have already been able to verify it in your own flesh.

In the long run, you know that person isn't going to provide you with what you need, and you might find more fascinating people in the meanwhile. 

If you don't admire the person you are with, there's nothing else you can do.  No matter how comfortable you feel between their arms, Scorpio. 

Y es que si no sientes admiración por la persona que tienes al lado, no hay nada que hacer. Por muy cómodo/a que te sientas entre sus brazos, Escorpio.


Economic calm is something you truly appreciate, that's why you work hard so that you can sleep well. Luckily, life smiles at you right now. You have all you need. 

Not having a job can also be something good, because you'd have time for that trip you've dreamt of for a long time. It's just a matter of playing down.

Don't judge yourself so harshly and take advantage of what you have. Start enjoying from now on.

Jupiter shines in your favor so you spend money on whatever makes you happy because you will get all the money back very soon. 

Scorpios that work in the financial world will have an excellent opportunity to invest. Your ideas will have outstanding results.


Relive good memories, resume hobbies that you thought you'd forgotten... Look back and be happy about all that happiness you've experienced until now. 

Feel it inside you. We are told many times that we need to achieve goals, buy what's in fashion, to get to happiness. Something that is totally false. Scorpians' intelligence knows how to use feelings in their favor. 

Being near your people and make them feel positive emotions keeps you healthy, by submerging your mind in the most positive energy stream.