Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Some words, once they've been said, there's no going back. What can you do?! In this case, you'll have to accept the consequence of your acts... Next time you'll have to think before you speak. 

There's no going back; hearts are hurt as easily as you can cut paper. But forgiveness is possible, as long as you express real signs of regret and you do what's in your hand to mend the mistake.

How can you solve the mistake?  The affected person will give your some indications. 

Personal grievances are the order of the day. Whether you are the cause of the damage or the victim. Be careful with a family member who will try to annoy you.


Unstable energies that come from your team work will affect you,  inevitably. They've lost the way at some point, and now that indications aren't clear, fear and precaution will take control of you.

However, winning and achieving objectives will depend on a rupture of thought. Take the lead and expose some of those ideas that have been around in your head since the project began and that you haven't dared to reveal. The stars will reward your cunning.

Some economic transactions could be blocked due to the influence of third parties, but don't panic, because it will be a momentary obstruction. They are the remnants of saturnine energy that have been influencing you these days...

To bring fortune back into your life, spend some of your money on acquiring a bamboo of good luck. Place it in a corner near the entrance to your house door and open the door to abundance.


Today your breathing capacity will improve considerably. After some days with your nose blocked, you finally feel how the air comes in to fill all your lungs. Great, Scorpio.

Take the opportunity to exercise your cardiovascular capacity, now that you are breathing normally again. A faster-than-normal walk is an ideal activity to burn some fat while strengthening your heart's function.

Keeping your body moving is a good strategy so you don't start with your bad habits again because they're really harming your health. Sport keeps you focused on the good path of well-being, Scorpio.