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Magical Horoscope Brings You Your Scorpio Future from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Friday 9th February
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Today's vibration of the planets leads you to make love transcendental decisions.  

There are people who are attracted to you and there will be manipulations that will try to make you feel guilty, but watch out because you might get into a possessive relationship.

You tend to get into restrictive relationships. Why does this happen? Your goal in life is to learn to achieve your freedom. That is why fate tests you this way.

If you are out there single and without commitment, you may have a very interesting conversation with a stranger in a public place. Ask them for their phone number, because you might not see each other again and it could be someone key in your life. 

Our actions create our future. 


Avoid useless arguments with people that work with you. You want to convince a colleague but it's hard work. 

You should keep insisting because you will need that person in particular. Try everything you can, use your magnetism and also show that person the advantages that could come out from helping you. 

Goodness attracts fortune. Offer something first and you will have that person on your side. With calm and prudence you will face a small financial setback.

Consider recycling on the field you work for, your knowledge could be becoming obsolete, which prevents you from doing well at work. 


It's Friday and you could do with a visit to the spa to recharge your battery after a hard-working week. 

It could also be a health resort or wherever you can be in contact with water. Submerging yourself in water is purifying, as a good aquatic sign that you are. And if you book a massage, it will be even better for you.