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Scorpio's Prediction for Saturday, February 3rd

Horoscope prediction for those born between October 24th and November 22nd
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This apple you're about to bite is rotten. Are you going to get carried away by a one-night stand when you share a profound connection with your partner? The scorpion is about to be tempted, which is quite strange. Even if you think there's something special about that third person, think twice before acting.

During this weekend, share your issues with your partner, especially those you always avoid, perhaps because of lack of time. You'll see it's only a temporary misunderstanding. In any case, your life shouldn't be like an airport: your happiness shouldn't depend on whether someone arrives or departs.


You didn't expect to end the week like this, but your job has completely changed within hours. First, you even thought about leaving your job, but this new chance you have has got you confused. Good job you have all weekend to think about it carefully and to get advice from others.

Regarding your money, it's now less important at the expense of your happiness. So, if you're happy spending, go ahead, and if it’s going to calm you down, save up. The stars have little impact on your fortune for a few hours.


It's always your damn neck. The pain in your back is caused by the fact that you're constantly tense. Think about changing you mattress and you will rest peacefully. It is said that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it's important to have a good rest.

In any case, it seems that you have a respiratory problem related to your breathing. Inhale air for ten seconds and exhale it for about twenty. Repeat the exercise until you lower your pulse. You’ll notice your anxiety disappear in a few minutes and without needing any medicine.

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