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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for September 14

Daily Prediction for Friday
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Are you upset at heart now, Scorpio? Pluto might have taken the blindfold off your eyes, with everything that that means! Pain, sadness and above all, disappointment...

The positive side is that there won't be any more lies, doubts or fears. The betrayal of your partner that you feared so much has finally occurred. You're free to move on with your life!

You don't have to try to escape from pain. The only alternative is to interiorize it and try to heal your wounds with self-love. You'll come out stronger from this bad moment. You are the sign of inner transformation. 

You have great probabilities of finding love in the sports context. Do you like someone from your gym? Ask them out, it will help you to overcome that emotional bad streak.


You're at the beginning of a novel project, and the truth is that it's in your interest to put all your energies in your job right now. It will require great mental resources on your part, but you are prepared to give everything.

Even if it's about a new professional career or studies, you'll have to spend hours and hours working on it, but the effort will be worth it.

You should not get carried away by an excessive enthusiasm, because disappointments arrive, sooner or later. Even if it's about specific difficulties. A balanced attitude will let you know how to act at all times.


Your emotional situation may not be the most desirable one, but remember that although pain is inevitable, it can be controlled. Keep these words in mind each time you sink into despair.

It's an excellent time to take a trip. Clearing your mind and surrounding yourself with friends will enable your emotional wounds to heal very quickly. The massages will open energy points that are blocked in your body.