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Scorpio Daily Prediction for 15 September

Saturday's Scorpio Forecast
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The planets are stable in sentimental matters and this will show in your relationships. You count on a calm love for your partner that corresponds to you just as you need.  It's a day without changes, for better or for worse.

It would be good for you to make more plans with friends and breathe some society. How long has it been since you don't go to a meeting? They always invite you but you don't usually go very often. Today is the day.

Your family will also be important today because it seems you have forgotten about them.  A spontaneous call or text message will be able to solve this problem as if by magic, Scorpio.


Working without being salaried and receiving a payment "under the table" makes you feel very safe and allows you to save, but in the long run, you will have problems. Participating in the underground economy will put you at serious risk of being discovered, Scorpio.

Try legalizing your working situation, or you'll have to look for another job. Giving up the grants you benefit from can also be a solution. 

Look for a legal advisor to help you in the case that you work on your own because you could be making a mistake that will take the toll on you. 


You're recovering the vitality that you always have, partly because you've decided to worry about your health a bit more. Fantastic, Scorpio!

Nobody tells you what you have to do. You have always known what to do to keep in a good health condition.  This time, as well. 

You can refine your mind even more by dedicating a couple of hours a day to some type of reading that will help you advance in your personal development. Everything that works in a better control of your emotions will never be a waste of time.

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