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Scorpio Prediction for 16 September

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Taking love for granted is a symptom that everything is going very well. You trust each other. You look after their emotions and he or she looks after yours. 

However, you can't lower your guard. We live in a world full of sexual attractions. This is inevitable because we're animals.

Captivate your partner every day so they know who their true love is, Scorpio. It's very easy to let yourself be carried away by routine. 

The same won't happen with those Scorpios without a partner. You can feel a bit indecisive because you like two people but you can't decide who you prefer.  There's no hurry; be patient.


In regards to money, it won't be easy for you these days... You'll feel that you have to claim some money or a property.  On the contrary, they will take what is yours. 

Without the need to raise your voice or reach the coercive measures, state clearly your needs and your motives.  You'll need cold blood and to control your emotions, Scorpio.

It's likely that this ends up in court, so don't think about it and look for a good lawyer. You have a lot of possibilities of inclining the balance in your favor, as long as you get down to work.


How long has it been since you've put your trainers? To go out for a run, ride a bike or just walk... You go rusty every day you decide not to take a more active life. 

If you're signed up for a gym and you've not gone for ages, you've been paying for nothing... Take advantage of that investment you made to recover your health, Scorpio!

It's not about not having time to dedicate to physical activities and a bit of motivation. Plan your schedule so it's inevitable having to dedicate at least 2 hours to your body.

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