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Scorpio Forecast for September 17

Prediction for Monday
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Physical beauty is something that attracts you, but you're captivated with inner beauty. Neither you nor your partner could be categorized as "supermodels", but the people around you think that you are the perfect couple. 

Your partner will value more than ever that you show your truths and you have a sincere communication. It's good to talk about what you do every day, but it's way better to talk about emotions and feelings. 

Single Scorpio: You'll be able to attract that person that occupies your feelings, showing yourself as you are. Leave tricks such as make-up or fancy clothes. It's your heart what captivates people, Scorpio!


You're in a constructive period in which it's very easy and natural to fight for your objectives. Mars shines with strength and intensity on the rest of the stars for the natives of Scorpio. 

This positive attitude will make you achieve great quotes of productivity and your superiors might recognize your sustained efforts.  It's going well at work.

Your economy is stable and the fluctuations won't be very important. You'll be able to replace without any problems those quantities of money that you extract from your bank account. You have a focalized mind in abundance!  

For those Scorpios that don't have a job, the stars' advice is that you knock on every door and you don't be afraid of anything. You might get that interview today! Visualize!


It feels great to promote change in you, in all aspects. Once you take a determination in an aspect of your life, you also want it to be "perfect" in the other aspects. That is what is going to happen with your health, Scorpio. 

To control weight, the good thing is to do some exercise but also regulate your diet. Drinking teas and infusions very often is an effective way to avoid hunger between meals. Green tea is the most suitable for people from your sign!