Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Looking after the feelings of another person doesn't make you weak. And they aren't annoying to you, unlike the prevailing culture that sees people as "consumable objects"

Don't fall into the opposite extreme: trying to love someone unconditionally, regardless of whether that person behaves well or badly with you. You are neither their mother nor their father.

But the truth is that being more comprehensive with their defects, is the way where the true bonds of love can be created. 

If you're single, you won't meet those type of stunning people that are always the center of attention, but you won't miss these kind of people. You just want someone mature and that knows what they want.


Good but discreet news in relation to your economy. Expecting the impossible, like that you win the lottery, is the best way to fall into depression. Miracles happen every day, on the condition that you are focused on what happens around you. 

Consider yourself privileged if you have someone by your side that you know you can count on 100% in difficult situations. And above all, thank them. Showing what you feel for your people is a wonderful gesture to attract good vibrations. 

Make sure you have a vase with bamboo in it at home, because you could have a streak of good luck in the next few days.  Bamboo will definitely help you attract more fortune to your life. 


Excellent vitality, Scorpio, carry on like that! You enjoy your routines. If it gives you wellbeing, why would you have to give up on them?

They probably surprise a partner or that person that you're starting to get to know. But you know what? You can stimulate the rest so they get on your side. Instead of accessing the harmful habits that are so assumed in society!

Yielding to those things that you know aren't the most appropriate, or the most accurate, will only lead to a loss of self-esteem. And this is the last thing for the children of the scorpion. Self-love above all!