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Scorpio Magic Horoscope for September 19

Daily Prediction for Wednesday
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It either can be a problem that isn't important... or it can be an obstacle for the relationship. The discrepancies in terms of sexual appetite are something to be taken into account! Because if one part doesn't want as much as the other part, frustrations appear. 

And with frustration also comes annoyance. It's important that you remember that a partner isn't a sexual object that is available for you whenever you want. Scorpio can be too passionate sometimes...

Make of sex something that brings you closer, not something that tears you apart. Speak and negotiate with your partner, because this is something that has a solution. If you don't have a partner, don't rush into wanting to go to bed with that person, even if it's something temporary. Respect above all. 


You love everything to come out perfectly well, and it's something normal, your approach to life always pushes you to be the best in everything you do. But you won't be able to prevent some obstacles at work. 

And the worst thing is it won't depend on you. But you know, you and your colleagues are a team and you'll have to work together to solve the hurdle. 

Try not to show your bad mood too much and get to work. This way, they will end the issue quickly and you can go back to work without further delay. You hate people making you slow down at work, but be patient, Scorpio.


Self-criticism and being too hard on yourself leads you to lose perspective. Because if you don't get things right the first time, it doesn't mean you're completely useless.

You know that in the past you have been capable of the most incredible deeds. It's a matter of taking things calmly and that you try again if it doesn't come out at first. Focus on the positive side of life and the stars will always bring you success. 

Your well-being today will depend on you taking the disagreements with philosophy. After all, life is the way it is, Scorpio!

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