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Scorpio Prediction for 21 September

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A moon in bad aspect will bring you some emotional instability. You may think that nobody loves you, or that you will never find love in your life; everyone seems to be so "crazy" and in a bad way...!

It's then when you have to ask yourself what kind of energy you are projecting. Do you really think that you'll find the love of your life from desperation?

By putting your matters and your life in order, you'll manage to emit the adequate waves. In a way, you enjoy being able to have options and that in the end, you don't care about these people too much. Harsh but true!

If you have a partner and you think that they disrupt you instead of calming you, you might want to have a serious conversation with them.


These periods of emotional fluctuation have as a positive thing that they also bring to your life an unparalleled creativity. You can think of new methods to do the job faster and better and you also make your relationships with your colleagues better.

If you change some investment guidelines, you could hit the jackpot. Perhaps you are currently spending on goods and actions that aren't getting you anywhere, however much they satisfy you (momentarily)

Use all your self-control to avoid unnecessary expenses. Maybe it's time to open a new account designed exclusively for the money you've saved.


Overexcitement can take its toll on you, Scorpio. Going on too many revolutions not only exhausts you mentally but also organically.

On the horizon, a disease of a certain severity is emerging, because of not being able to implement more leisurely actions in your routines.

The stars also point out the paramount importance of using protection when having sexual intercourse or the negative consequences won't take long to appear.

The good news is that by being aware of these facts, you will take the necessary measures to rectify and thus be able to live a more heartfelt life. Without so much haste or acceleration, Scorpio!

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