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Scorpio Forecast for September 22

Prediction for Saturday
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"A rebellious and ungovernable heart" This is how you feel from a few days ago. You don't know why you experience those intense emotions for several people at the same time, but you don't analyze the situation for too long.

If you're happy sharing your intimacy with several people, why should you stop doing it? Gone are the moralistic discourses that try to make all human beings adapt to a single model of relationship.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of envious people and that you can't base your life in what others think about a specific issue. This is not only for single Scorpios, but it is also for those Scoprios in a stable relationship; it's maybe time for you to open the relationship. A little chat might clarify that...


Starting the day well is very important so that everything goes well at work. Facing in a good mood all the hours you have ahead is gaining quality of life.

Wake up early, leave everything ready the previous day so you don't have to spend time doing it in the morning and you have time to have an excellent breakfast. Start giving your body what it needs so you don't have any anxiety and you work more efficiently.

You have some payments to make urgently and today is going to be the day that you make them. At least, the most important ones. At the beginning of next month, get rid of the rest of debts without further delay, Scorpio.


Dark environments make you sick. As much attraction as you feel for the b side of life, those places that everyone tends to avoid aren't right for you. Exposing yourself to some light would be convenient.

Stop having interest in the deaths that appear in the news... It's macabre. Dress your thoughts with beautiful images. Dedicate some time to seeing landscape photos. Where would you like to go?

Transport yourself with your mind to those beautiful places and breathe with tranquility. You can almost feel the sound of the sea or the coolness of the breeze on your skin! The superpower of being happy is in your mind, use it to change your inner state, Scorpio.

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