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Scorpio Horoscope for 23 September

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Balance in love is what you most need in these moments. An excess of sex can make the other person in the relationship feel a sexual object. And that is not good for the relationship and for the other person's self-esteem, Scorpio.

In parenting, you can't give in to everything they ask for. In relationships, the same thing happens. Love isn't based on satisfying others in all their whims! On the contrary, you would show very little love if you don't put limits on behaviors that could be dangerous.

You also have the obligation to impose some discipline, if they leave you in charge of other children that aren't yours.


As bad as you get on with your bosses, you'll have to put up with the situation. Pride won't take you anywhere, and it can make you lose a lot. It's not the best moment to risk losing your job.

It's not about a constant resignation. Say what annoys you, although do it choosing your words properly.  In another way, sooner or later, you'll end up bursting, and that can be the worst of the scenarios, Scorpio. 

The best thing will be for you not to lock yourself in rancor and you let go of situations that you don't like. After all, not everyone has your level of evolution and knowing how to behave, Scorpio.


The thing about searching for balance might sound typical... If you like doing it so much, what's wrong with giving yourself to that in body and soul?

Well, life gets difficult for you, if you disregard it, in other areas! Otherwise, everyone would be devoted to what they are passionate about, without taking into account anything else!

Relax your big energies wearing neutral colors, like gray or black. They will make you feel more rooted in life, instead of always living in a mental turmoil. These days avoid wearing red clothes, Scorpio.

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