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Scorpio Horoscope for 28 September

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What apparently is a tragedy, is not. If someone who kept you prisoner in a relationship with no future leaves you, that person is doing you a favor! You were probably decided to take that step as well, but they have done it for you.

Follow your fieriness. You'll soon find stimulating people that will make you think in all the wasted time you've spent with that person. It's time to make up for lost time...

Shine and show yourself to the world, it will be the fastest and most effective way of turning the page. Life is too short to dress for mourning for someone who doesn't deserve it, Scorpio. 


Think about your professional career and what you want to include in it. Take steps that lead you to the place you want to be, instead of always following the current.

Lately, you feel that little things make sense, but you'll find satisfaction in developing your abilities to the fullest. That is the way of the scorpion for its spiritual development. 

Inviting someone for lunch can help you and cheer you up, or proposing some plan. That is the best way of spending money; create happy moments for you and the rest, Scorpio. 

If you're looking for a job, you don't have to tell them everywhere you've worked. Focus your profile on things about the place you want to work and forget the rest. 


Instead of trying to finish thousands of matters at the same time, prioritize, and use hierarchy. That calms you down and provides you with security in your day to day life. Routines are more important than you think. 

Think in the long term when making any non-assertive decision for your health. What doesn't harm you today might harm you tomorrow... Don't forget about your mind; it's your most precious treasure. 

To keep yourself young, there's nothing better than reading for some hours a day or solving some crosswords. You won't be able to avoid the temptation of solving at least a page. Work on your mental agility! 

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