Your Scorpio Horoscope for December 1

Your Scorpio prediction for Sunday, 1 December 2019
Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope

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Today you have the need to spend time with your family, with those you trust the most and you feel you can count on.

You’ll want to find peace, however, the astrological trend doesn’t go in that direction, truth is that you’ll have to face tension with your nearest and dearest. You’re going through a tricky day in terms of your mood, Scorpio.

On the one hand, you’d like comfort and support and, on the other, you’re annoyed by irrelevant things and might end up unfairly mistreating your loved ones.

The moon in a bad cosmic aspect with your solar energy doesn’t favour your communication, on the contrary, you could damage your relationship with someone very close to you over nothing. Mind your words, don’t hurt those who love you.

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Confusion will take over your professional and material matters. You need to write down your expenses to stay on top of your budget, otherwise by the end of the month, you’ll be asking yourself where the money in your bank account has gone.

You tend to have secret plans to carry out your business and, although you have the stars’ blessing to move forward with your projects, today you’ll be a bit worried. Strange premonitions or unsettling messages might set off alarm bells in your conscience.

You know that if you’re well organized all will be well. Release the stagnant energy through good energy cleanse, rosemary and lavender incense are great to ward off envy, open all of your windows to let all the bad things out.

Start the last month of the year with your right foot.


Aside from your irritable and nervous mood, all seems to be well. Your cells respond to the astral energy which brings vitality and regeneration.

If you’re recovering from an illness, your body shows excellent reactions to each step of your medical treatment. Even your rest is more healing than usual.