Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You’ll find yourself face to face with a truth that you’ll have to face head-on to be able to put an end to some matters that tend to damage your relationship.

You’re leaving too much room for arguments and discussions. You start by defending your posture and in no time all hell breaks loose. There’s no need to defend your ideas to the last consequence. Accepting other points of view on some subjects will help you live your love and sex life in a kinder and happier way.

Problems that don’t pertain to your relationship shouldn’t be taken to that extreme.

Protecting your relationship, showing kindness and serenity will help you feel fulfilled.

Sexuality will be very important this Tuesday.

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If you can’t find a way to settle a debt, today you’ll probably receive help from people you didn’t think cared about you.

Scorpio, you’ve wasted a chance to be a part of a group or team in the past, and this time they’ll show you they had a lot to offer but you couldn’t see it.

Be grateful for all you have to share and receive what they’re offering with an open heart. Gratitude will open many paths to abundance for you.

Professional matters could suffer certain conflicts today. It’s a complicated day and the complexity of some of the matters you’re dealing with will be more than you think you can handle. Be cautious and don’t be intimidated.


Problems with your respiratory system are the trend this Tuesday for Scorpio.

You’ll probably suffer from allergies, rhinitis or minor viral infections which will make you teary-eyed, and give you headaches and a runny nose.

Don’t waste the chance to improve your health with herbs. For example, echinacea stops the flu from taking over your entire life. Consult with your doctor.