This is a very particular day for you, Scorpio. The eclipse that takes place with the full moon in Cancer affects you intensely, as this sign is very compatible with your water sign energy.

The relationship with your in-laws, as well as matters related to long-distance relationships or romantic trips could take an unexpected turn which will lead to a profound change in your relationship with your partner.

If you’re single, perhaps it’s about a new commitment to someone you don’t know very well and who shakes your very foundations and who makes your typical rational thinking evaporate.

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There’s positive news coming for Scorpio regarding your finances if you pay attention to the signs and read the small print of the contract or notices that need to be signed.

Those who are looking for a new job might get invited for a job interview or a test which could result in very positive career prospects.

A drastic change is coming for you with regards to your studies, scholarships or exams. How you react to the energy movement you’re experiencing will determine how promising your future becomes. You need to assume certain risks to make the astral boost you’re receiving worthwhile.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 12. This number is a message from your spiritual guides to help you learn to sow the seeds of your future through thoughts which show the beginning and the end of your dreams. Visualize your dreams fully, down to the tiniest detail, this builds a bridge to reach those dreams in your future.


Your health is great thanks to the current astral movements. Today is not the best day to start a new medical treatment due to the eclipse’s energy, if you can wait, do it, otherwise don’t worry and try to keep your vibration frequency high.