Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Scorpio, your emotional security is protected by the stars. You're surrounded by your loved ones and you have peace in your heart.

You’re part of something bigger, you’re valued in your family and this makes you happy. Each moment spent with your loved ones helps you appreciate them more, being able to count on them and their unconditional love.

You feel you’re part of a group that supports each other through thick and thin, which doesn’t get carried away by selfishness and that’s what you want to transmit to the younger generations.

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When you focus your energy with clarity and spirituality, the results are optimal.

Perhaps you’re going through a complex financial situation, the past few days have left a bitter taste in your memory and fear takes over your mind. Acknowledging that you’re not infallible is the biggest step that you need to take to improve your finances.

You’ll start saving once you become aware of what your true needs are.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 56, in angelic numerology this number invites you to take every change as an opportunity to grow spiritually, to find the blessings that every movement or novelty brings into your life, it will help you appreciate your life and the circumstances that surround you a lot more.


This will be a day of calm and emotional wellbeing, you’re in good shape, happiness is on the menu for today and for this reason you can’t but be grateful for the blessing of feeling well.

If you’re going through an illness or ailment, you’ll feel significantly improved.