There’s a lot of energy brewing up in the sky which pushes you to vibrate in harmony with your physical needs. You’ d like to hug your partner and share all of your feelings and emotions through your body, without uttering a word. Speech doesn’t work as well for you as communicating through gazes and touch. For this reason, you've often felt your feelings were misinterpreted when expressed in conversation.

Don’t believe that every misunderstanding or mishap that happens in your love life today is your fault.

The moon in Leo brings some tension for Scorpio which you can overcome if you cast aside any drama and embrace playfulness and joy.

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Your financial matters are truly going better than you could ever have expected. Much of what you sowed in the past is now yielding results and the ventures you thought were fruitless will start showing small signs of growth and progress.

For this reason, Scorpios will be going through a Saturday filled with satisfaction where you’ll feel entitled to spend a little on trips or weekend getaways.

This Saturday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 47. This number invites you to shine, clearing all your doubts regarding your good performance, both on an emotional and material level. Trusting in yourself is essential if you want to have a good life. Otherwise, you’ll inevitably transmit your insecurities to others.


Much of your suffering is caused by things which are no longer a part of your reality. You’re a happy person when you let go of the pain that lives deep within your soul and bring out your inner child to play and have fun. Allow yourself to bring that side of you out and let it brighten your day.