Scorpio Horoscope Wednesday
Your Scorpio Horoscope for Wednesday | Magic Horoscope


You already know that spitefulness and a tendency to take offence are not good bedfellows nor are they very wise to listen or act upon and if you are contemplating seeking revenge then you will perhaps regret this in the future.

You really want things to be more idyllic, but true love goes through highs and lows and now is the time to accept this and to wait for a more propitious time to stabilise and balance these internal feelings which are tormenting you.

Just imagine how good it would feel if you talk things through and reach some agreements and happy endings, Scorpio.

If you are born in the first Decan of Scorpio, you will be experiencing feelings of heightened sensibility in the evening and your intuition will open up like a flower revealing amazing insights. Listen to your heart.

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It is a good day for Scorpio natives for anything to do with the material world, though not necessarily in the field of work. There is a lot of tension in your professional arena.  Many people around you are jealous of your professional capabilities and you will, therefore, have to display an attitude of coolness and an ability to rise above situations. If you allow yourself to get carried away with these problems, you will end up being more affected and your overall performance will be less effective than if you had just paid attention to the important things in your life.

The malicious ones will just harm themselves. Do not worry at all, nor stoop to their level.

Onwards, Scorpio, it is a fantastic day and it isn’t worth being dragged down by negative energy. The important thing is to remain centred on your own affairs and that you support those who have shown that they are on your side. Venus blesses you and brings you delightful things.


It is a good day, though any annoyances can be detrimental to your health. Your life force energy will feel high today, especially towards the evening and you may feel more connected and more balanced emotionally.

The natives who were born in the first Decan should take care of their digestive system as there is an astral tendency today to have an upset stomach.