It’s a great moment to look back and make a balance of how much things have changed, Scorpio.

The moon in the air sign, Libra, helps you connect with the past, childhood memories or memories of other times where you felt happier in the company of your partner, it will push you to change some of the behaviours you’ve acquired to go back to a kinder and simpler way of interacting.

Your relationship, as well as your rapport with some of your family, expose your mood and manners. If you vibrate at a low frequency, all of your relationships will be affected by it. Instead, when you elevate your vibration everything improves and transforms around you.

Start your day with the innocence and openness of a child.

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It’s a difficult day for money matters. Commercial movements stop while you await answers and negotiations.

If you're looking for a new job, you’ll probably have to wait a few days to get news. But don’t despair, Scorpio, this is the perfect day to send your cv by email or to get in touch to arrange an interview.

This Wednesday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 46. This number invites you to protect your assets, to respect and take care of your ancestral heritage. Whether it’s money, properties or businesses, or whether it’s virtues, skills or moral values, it’s important that you look after what you’ve received from your ancestors.


Careful, Scorpio, you could get carried away by the weight loss advice you find on social media and cause great harm to your health. Fad diets and weight loss and exercise supplements and trends aren't always efficient.

If you need to lose those extra pounds, the best thing to do is to see a nutritionist.