Expect conflict or unexpected change of plans in matters relating to activities you had planned with your partner.

You probably expected the object of your affection to show up at a family or work gathering, and they’ve let you down either on purpose or because destiny has caused a misunderstanding.

Single Scorpios will feel the social pressure that exposes them to their solitary side and makes them yearn to share their lives with someone else. Each moment of solitude will have the bitter taste of an urgent need to find a love that you can share your best dreams with.

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It’s a day where money becomes less relevant. You won’t have all of your mental energy focused on this area of your life, instead, you’ll prefer to leave financial matters aside.

You might find yourself needing a loan, or a hand, due to an unforeseen expense, and you’ll have to have the presence of mind to face it.

Don’t get dragged down by your bad mood caused by small domestic mishaps, or you’ll have a terrible Sunday.

Remember the importance of the law of attraction: your thoughts and feelings attract similar things into your life. If you think positively and look on the bright side of things, in spite of the problems you encounter, your thoughts will be powerful and will make all the difference. Practice living in the “here and now”, this way you’ll be more productive. Leave the past in the past, Scorpio. The future is yet to come, and you build it with your daily attitude.


Your spine might give you a warning this Sunday if you don't watch your posture. Avoid straining yourself by lifting heavy objects. Paying attention to your body will improve your overall attitude.