Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The moon says goodbye to your opposite complementary sign, Taurus, and for those Scorpios who have their birthday today, it could be a moment where your relationships become especially important. Your feelings will be more tender than usual and your cohabitation will be quite cozy. You’ll probably share some intimacy, with some nice music and good food to rejoice your palate.

You won’t want to go out, you’ll just want to stay home in the arms of your beloved.

If you’re single, you could start a relationship that’s different from what you’re used to. Someone who is emotionally stable and particularly calm could win you over, Scorpio.

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You’ll be interested in a new way of making money. You could be close to finding a new lifestyle which won’t be immediately understood by your nearest and dearest. Judgement on what you want to do shouldn’t take away your desire to move forward in that direction.

Don’t believe everything they say. Many people talk without knowing what they’re on about, right now there’s so many innovative techniques or methods that appear every day.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 12. This number invites you to leave prejudice and fears behind, and to be kind to yourself when you make mistakes, so that you can move forward and experience new things.


The change in temperature might catch you wearing inadequate clothing. Take care of your throat chakra. A sore throat might mess up your day.

Having a healthy throat is mainly about not exposing it to cold air. You can also be affected by a stiff neck, which is incredibly annoying.

If you have something to say, but you don’t dare say it, write it down in your journal.