Did you know that more than half of your worries stem from thoughts that have no basis in reality? You often think negatively about your future and project problems that don’t exist yet and which might never come to pass, Scorpio. Don’t worry by what your imagination dictates.

Your bad habit of speculating about different possibilities regarding a particular subject ends up being your worst nightmare. That is, your biggest problem is usually within you, Scorpio.

The stars show a tendency to getting yourself into a pickle by getting carried away by your crazy ideas of what might be. It’s time to live in the here and now and let go of the fear of what could be. Your present is the only thing that’s real, the past is gone and the future depends on what choices you make in the present.

Hug that loved one today, love yourself and be happy, it’s all up to your point of view.

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Scorpios are highly seductive people and for this reason, it’s hard for anyone to resist your charm. If you're in the process of selling properties or signing contracts, get all the paperwork ready as closing those negotiations is imminent.

Those who are in a dependent relationship need to keep an eye on their rapport with women, as there’s an aspect of discord between Venus and the moon which will affect your relationships at work.

You might fall victim to lies or accusations from colleagues or be implicated in a conflict. Be especially careful with all professional matters. Don’t leave loose ends or unfinished tasks as this might go against you.


Scorpios show an astral influence which will make you evaluate your emotional motivations. Many will feel pushed to seek therapy, others will just want to talk to a confidante.