This Monday a new weekly cycle will begin where you’ll be in great spirits. You need to sort your feelings out, which might have been affected by the events of the weekend.

You've been influenced by what other people have shown you, and you might have exaggerated your feelings. Remember that the most important thing is your own vision of what’s good for you. No one knows you better than yourself, and although those who love you can show you a part of it, the ways in which you act are directly linked to your own evolution, Scorpio.

Sitting down to quietly contemplate your love life will do you good. If you need to, write down what you feel and what you want for the future.

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You might be going through a lot of turbulence in your financial life. An exaggerated vision of your resources and your thoughts could be taking you too far if you get carried away by the first thing that comes from your inner energy.

The stars show a marked tendency to exaggeration. Your relationship with the women at the office or at work, whether they're clients, colleagues or supervisors, could be marked by conflict or heated arguments. You’re likely to harbour anger which will impact your performance.

If you let go of the pressure of wanting to do everything perfectly and make way for creativity you’ll feel much better and the day will be more pleasant and cheerful.


Stress and anger release a series of hormones which, in large quantities, are harmful to your health. Your emotional style attracts situations which could disturb your inner peace.

You need to start managing your feelings more efficiently through different tools such as exercise or meditation.