Scorpio Horoscope
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Today there’ll be a tendency to rationalize every second of your love life, if you’re in a relationship you’ll talk to your partner non-stop about your problems and about all the events in your life, you’ll have the chance to make a profound change. You need to stop overthinking everything so much and let your body express your affection and tenderness.

Passion will take over your relationship and you’ll realize that it makes understanding simpler, and it highlights how much you love each other.

If you’re single, you’ll have to get your more sociable side out and be discreet with your deepest thoughts and feelings.

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Careful with large investments, Scorpio. It’s a tricky day in terms of grandiose ideas and a false sense of security.

Some people’s self-importance might confuse you and make you entrust someone with part of your legacy or money who will be nothing but a con artist, or, best-case scenario, a hopeless dreamer.

If you have to sit exams or deliver your thesis or an essay, you’ll need to double and triple check them before handing them in as you might make mistakes or use inadequate words which could delay your professional advancement.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 19. This number approaches the idea of success, but to reach it you have to make an effort, working hard and evaluating your reality in a pragmatic way, without fantasizing.

Evaluating your current situation will help you know what the next step is.


Careful with migraines and headaches. You’re exposed to an overload of intellectual tasks and activities which drain a lot of your energy. Drink plenty of water, it will hydrate you and will favour the oxygenation of your organs.