You’ll begin some changes in your love life. You might start a new phase thanks to the arrival of the moon in your sign which gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself which also coincides with Valentine’s day no less.

Those born in the first deanery will have a special sensitivity which will let you pick up any dangers lurking around you. You prudently move away from actions which aren’t entirely positive for you.

Many natives won’t even know why they feel put off by certain people or situations. The need to be home surrounded by those objects or people who bring you peace will be very strong.

Either way, you’ll enjoy a Friday filled with emotions, affection and good moments shared with others.

If you're single, you might receive a love declaration from someone you considered a friend or just a colleague.

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The stars show material difficulties at home. You might have to face new expenses for structural or plumbing repairs.

You know how to face emergencies thanks to the energetic disposition of your sign, however, you’ll be annoyed that you have to spend some money that you were hoping to save due to these unforeseen matters.

Scorpio’s lucky number for today is 32. This number invite you to trust in your leadership skills and move towards your goals with the help of your nearest and dearest.  Your ideas are linked to the desires of the general public. You’ll be successful if you set your mind to it and have faith.


Your health is being affected by your mental world. You're doubting yourself and this lowers your self-esteem.

Allowing yourself to be weak and indecisive is a part of life, you can be vulnerable and still be loved and respected, Scorpio.