The kind and romantic planet of Venus enters a water sign today and from there it will positively influence you, this is especially true for those born in the first deanery, Scorpio.

There are days of wonderful energy ahead of you, which will affect the way you see yourself and the way others see you. Beauty seems to have flooded your world with a soft pink light which will help you vibrate in a more positive way and which will make you seek common ground and conciliation where there were disagreements and differences before.

You’ll help your partner, or your loved ones feel more confident and happier. They’ll want to be by your side, as you show them a form of affection that fills their hearts with joy.

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It’s a good day to acquire works of art, clothes that you feel make you beautiful.

All money-related matters will go great this Tuesday thanks to the astral configurations. Venus in a good aspect with respect to the sun, and Mars going through your area of material possessions and money will accelerate any purchases or sales you have planned.

You’ll attract money into your hands as if you had a magnet. You can generate great sales in your company or meet someone who could help you achieve your financial goals in the near future.

You’re going in the right direction thanks to the numerous astral configurations which bring blessings for your sign, don’t miss this window of opportunity that the cosmos brings you, Scorpio.


Your wellbeing is largely dependent on the way you feel emotionally. Today your troubles seem to give you some respite and for this reason, your overall wellbeing will increase.

It’s a good day to do things that make you feel more beautiful. Buying paraben-free makeup, starting a new workout routine, these are good ways of making the most of this energy.