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You’ve probably been thinking for a while that you’re not satisfied with your life. That time has gone by and you haven’t filled your heart with the joy and happiness that you imagined you would feel once you achieved certain milestones such as marriage, children, a profession or perhaps a job at a certain company.

Happiness can be measured through the achievement of your goals but, rather, it’s an emotional state.

If you’re confused, this might stem from an internal need of making some changes to your daily life.

It’s not about changing partners or changing houses, but rather, about changing the way in which you relate to the world.

You’re undergoing changes and you’re grieving over the past, but it isn’t just a Scorpio thing. Many people are going through similar things. Be kind to yourself and to those around you.

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If you were expecting news regarding legacies or inheritances or regarding the management of goods you share with female relatives, you’ll have a surprise. You’ll get great news that you’ll have to take calmly, to be able to decide with your head rather than with your heart. The same goes if you’re expecting legal proceedings.

Financial stability is important but right now it might be subject to changes and modifications that will arise suddenly, and you’ll have to adapt to them.


The need to adapt to changes, combined with a state of uncertainty that doesn’t allow you to make long term plans with the confidence that you used to have, might lead you to a state of stress which will require your attention to avoid it snowballing and becoming an illness.

Do some light exercise to release some tension.