Thanks to the moon rays in your sign, especially if you were born in the third deanery, you can more easily notice if you’re getting carried away by your old wishes and desires or if what you feel for that person is genuine and if it nurtures your heart as much as you think.

Those who have been in a relationship for a while might be going through a tricky period and you can count on a climate of reconciliation thanks to the rays of the moon in Scorpio, which will highlight passionate feelings.

If you're one of those who are single, don’t hesitate to confidently move towards your desires. It’s better to fail than to miss the chance to experience a love like very few others.

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It’s a great day for those who work with aesthetic, beauty and art. If you're involved in artistic professional activities, your chances of advancing a creative project are huge.

Today’s not a good day to carry out tedious or repetitive tasks, but to let your imagination and intuition fly, thus making room for new ideas or solutions to professional matters.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 77, a number which reminds you that you're in the world to offer your creative fruits and give the best of your essence. Give some colour and cheer to your surroundings.


The stars show a tendency to colds caused by negligence. Upper respiratory tracts discomfort can make this Saturday hard to bear.

Drink plenty of water and if you can, add some drops of lemon juice and some peppermint leaves to the glass, it will do wonders for you.