The harmonious aspect of the moon and the goddess of love, Venus, continues to give Scorpios moments of spiritual beauty and harmony in their relationships. You can find a space to combine sensuality with spiritual joy.

Relationships become deeper and any visions of the future you plan today have great chances of becoming a reality in the near future.

It’s an excellent date to trace the mental path that will take you to the destination you choose in your relationships, and to determine how much of yourself you're willing to give.

Those who are single will face the energetic possibility of meeting someone with whom to share beautiful moments.

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The business ideas you have today can be brilliant if you let your imagination connect with the needs of the public you deal with.

You’re one of the most perceptive signs, your mind is vibrating an octave higher than others as you know well what’s hiding in the shadows and for this reason, you detect what everyone needs.

Today you’ll be able to have a better rapport with your professional surroundings if you let go of your mask of coldness and make room for the best version of yourself.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 118. According to angelic numerology, this number brings messages of encouragement and vibrations of self-confidence. This is a number that pushes you to trust in your order and in your organizational skills. You’re about to start a positive phase in your life where you’ll find new means of expressing your creativity.


Your body and mind are in sync. If you’re willing to make some changes for your health, you’ll see great results. Have the necessary courage and determination to start that new habit that will improve your wellbeing today.